Our Vision

We believe that God has placed Family Life Church in the town of Warsaw for a specific purpose. This belief is often expressed in our motto: Love God, Love People, Love Warsaw. This is more than just a catchy phrase or vision statement, it is the heartbeat of God for the people of our church to love the people in our town. Every believer has a role to play in fulfilling that purpose. This includes the faithful use of our time and our abilities to serve others, as well as the faithful giving of our finances to support the church.

Our Beliefs

Our statement of faith contains the core beliefs that we hold. Most importantly, we believe in God the Father who created everything, Jesus Christ the Son who became human, and the Holy Spirit who is present in our world today. We believe that forgiveness and redemption are available to anyone who receives Jesus as their Lord. We recognize the Bible as God’s word, water baptism as the demonstration of a person's commitment, the practice of communion as a reminder of our salvation through the work of Jesus, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit as a gift to all believers. Salvation gives us hope that our lives will be transformed and that we will be given eternal life when Jesus returns to the earth again. These beliefs are based on faithful interpretation of the Bible, as well as the teachings and traditions of the church.

Our Story

Family Life Church can trace its roots back to a revival meeting in the Warsaw Free Methodist church in the early 1970’s. From this revival, a group of believers who continued to seek an outpouring of the Holy Spirit decided to form a church. Several times throughout our church’s history we have experienced seasons of revival and seen the power of the Holy Spirit. To this day, we continue to seek for more outpouring of His presence.

In 1974, founding pastor Randy Carpenter oversaw the purchase of the property and the construction of a church building (what is now the kitchen and youth room). In 1977, Michael Richmond took over as pastor. Then in 1978, Dale Hunter began serving as pastor and oversaw two major additions to the building that resulted in its current size. Andy Zack stepped in as pastor in 1986 and oversaw the opening of a K-12 Christian school in the building. In 1991, Chris Lonneville became the pastor and led the church for over 30 years. In 2022, Jonathan Lonneville, who had been serving at the church for many years, was officially installed as lead pastor.

Our Organization

Family Life Church is officially incorporated as Full Gospel Community Church and has the legal right to appoint officers, hire employees, handle finances, and own property as a means of fulfilling its purpose. Family Life Church is considered Evangelical, in that we preach the gospel of Jesus, Pentecostal, in that we pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and Charismatic, in that we believe in the use of spiritual gifts. We are a non-denominational church, affiliated with Elim Fellowship, which is a network of churches based in Lima, NY. Elim Fellowship has no official authority over the church, but does offer guidance and support to our church.

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